Green Changes You Can Make To Promote Eco-friendliness in Your Business

10th June 2019

No matter what type of workplace you are based at (office, shop, house, on the road/travelling etc.), it is more than likely a contributing factor towards causing damage to the environment. From driving to work, to using plastic coffee pods, to leaving your desktop on standby over the weekend, your workplace can be a lot less eco-friendly than you could imagine.

And considering that the average person spends about 1/3 of their lifetime working, more needs to be done to promote eco-friendliness in the workplace.

Do you really care about the environment? The importance of environmental responsibility has always been on the agenda, but in recent years it has become progressively important to both brands and their consumers. The fact that the importance of environmental responsibilities is continuously growing is great in itself, but it also goes to show why your business needs to step up and join in this movement.

Being kind to the environment shouldn’t be overlooked, that’s why in this article we have highlighted the advantages of a greener workplace and tips on how to make your work environment eco-friendlier.

Advantages of going green in the workplace

Going green in the workplace has many benefits that you can reap. From making the work environment more practical to being more financially rewarding, and not to mention the ethical reasons for making a change.

Aside from the main and very obvious one, 3 advantages of going green in the workplace are:

1.     Saving money

Mainly on the subject of energy efficiency, going green in the workplace will save you money in the long run. Simply because by being energy efficient, you will be using less energy and therefore your bills will be lower.

2.     Increasing employee morale

Going green in the workplace can increase employee morale, as people like to work for companies that have strong ethics and make a conscious effort to help the environment. It shows that the company cares about more than just themselves, or just making money.

3.     Creating good PR

There are also PR advantages to becoming a greener workplace, as a business that cares about the environment is certain to maintain a good image and stand out from competitors. You will not only be showing your employees that you care about a bigger picture but showing everyone else (clients, customers etc.) that you care.

How to Go Green

There are countless ways that your office can become a greener workplace. Below we have compiled together some tips on how to go green in the workplace:

Become energy efficient

Becoming energy efficient is a great way to make your business greener. And as we came across earlier, you can save money by becoming energy efficient.

According to British Gas, having an energy efficient office can save a business 65% on its energy bills:

  • IT equipment; turning computers and monitors off at night can save up to £35 a year per desk
  • Office lighting; installing the right office lights (energy efficient bulbs) can reduce energy costs by up to 15%. You can go even further by using natural lighting where possible
  • Office heating; reducing the temperature by just 1˚C can save enough energy to print over 40 million sheets of A4 paper. Also, by installing insulation in the building, thermal strips around doors and windows, and fit automatic closers on external doors, there will be less heat loss caused by draughts (which account for up to 10% of heat loss)

Use eco-friendly office products

The little things count too, such as the products you use at your office, as they too can cause harm to the environment. Choosing your office products carefully can make a positive difference, below is a list of eco-friendlier options:

  • Non-toxic cleaning products
  • Recycled paper
  • Non-toxic highlighters
  • Refillable ink cartridges

This also includes making sure that there are appropriate recycling facilities so that any waste produced can at least be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Decorate the office with plants

Bringing plants into the office can be very beneficial for you and your employees for numerous reasons.

The main advantages include improving indoor air quality because plants produce oxygen, and they help to increase employee morale by creating a happier space to work in as our surroundings hugely affect how we feel.

Other benefits include:

  • Reducing stress
  • Increased productivity & creativity
  • Reducing sickness & absence
  • Reducing noise

Travel Responsibly

One of the most significant causes of air pollution is from transport, in fact, it is responsible for up to 25% of all air pollution. And commuting to work is a large contributing factor for overall transport, as it is a daily journey that most people want to do as quickly as possible.

There are a few ways to reduce your carbon footprint on your commute, which some will take longer to travel. Some options include:

  • Opting to walk or cycle; for commutes that are shorter distances, you could opt to walk or cycle to work instead of driving or using public transport. These methods are obviously eco-friendlier as neither options pollute the air, unlike vehicles. There are also health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular and aerobic fitness, lower blood pressure, and boosted energy
  • Travelling by bus or train; public transport produces significantly less air pollution (per passenger mile) than a standard car carrying a single driver, which makes it an eco-friendlier method of commuting to work. Moreover, with more passengers in one vehicle, this means there are fewer cars on the road, so public transport helps in reducing congestion as well
  • Car sharing (carpooling); if you have colleagues on your route to work, car sharing is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint as it means there will be fewer cars on the road making the same journey that would otherwise be polluting the air

Going digital

Last but not least, going digital in the office is another great way to make your working environment greener. This means where possible, not using physical resources such as paper (for brochures, contracts etc.) that create waste.

By using less paper (or going completely paperless), you will be making a positive impact on the environment by reducing your impact on forests, cutting energy use and climate change emissions, limiting water, air and other pollution which are all by-products of the paper production process. And of course, you will also be reducing waste.

Going digital is especially important in making a positive difference down to the fact that office copy paper is accountable for a large number of total paper usage.

As well as the environmental benefits that going digital have, there are other benefits that are worth mentioning such as:

  • Easier to document/organise files
  • Faster communication between colleagues and clients
  • Access to files anywhere, any time
  • Increased security

Make a change in your business

It isn’t always easy to become a greener business, but with passion and dedication, any business can change positively. And it’s important to note that every small step contributes to a greener future.

But it’s up to your business to make doing the right thing the easy thing, which in turn will promote eco-friendliness in the workplace.

We hope this article has given you insight into the advantages of a greener workplace. If you are interested in working with a team of digital experts to help you go digital contact us here, or take a look at our services here.

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