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A digital audit is relevant to businesses both ready for change or who are starting their digital journey. It’s easy for a website or marketing strategy to lose track of where it is going, often facing issues of low conversion rates, low search rankings against competitors, stagnant traffic levels or decreased customer loyalty, read more here.

An audit from Rebixit provides thorough analysis on a specific area of concern (content, social media, website) or across the businesses entire digital presence. The report which we present to you in a meeting and send a digital copy of will provide valuable insights, give practical advice on where you can improve both short-term and long-term. Our visual infographic guides you on what actions to take and on what to prioritise, giving you focus on where you go from here.

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Benefits of doing a digital audit...
  • Rebixit Consulting

    Competitive advantage

  • Rebixit Consulting

    Improve performance

  • Rebixit Consulting

    Accelerate efficiency

  • Rebixit Consulting

    Better customer experience

  • Rebixit Consulting

    Reduce costs

What will the digital audit cover?
  • Technical SEO issues

    Site crawl and indexing, site speed, mobile-friendly, redirects & 404s, on-page optimisation, site architecture, internal linking, duplicate content. A fancy way of figuring out how healthy your site is, vital to a website’s performance in the eyes of the search engines like Google.

  • Social Media

    Which social channels are you present on? Where are your customers spending their time? We can identify not only how many users have been directed to your site through social media to measure its effectiveness, but also which social media channels these visitors were directed by.

  • Content Analysis

    What type of content is being created? Is the content consistent across channels in terms of tone and style? What content is present across each stage of the customer journey and where are the gaps? All questions to ask when analysing a businesses content strategy.

  • Competitor Analysis

    What can we learn from your best competitors? Which websites are ranking for positions which you are targeting? Often analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your closest competitors, comparing them to your own and gaining some much needed inspiration gives clarity and direction.

  • User Experience

    How are your users engaging with content? What is the dwell time, bounce rate and has this increased or decreased over time? These metrics amongst others uncover how users are interacting with your website and how it is performing. We can use this analysis to spot the areas where opportunities have been missed.

Your questions answered.

  • How much does a digital audit cost?

    Our digital audits start from £600, the cost can increase if there are multiple websites and social accounts under one business. The audit includes sending you a digital report which summarises our findings, along with clear recommendations in a visual infographic.

  • How long does an audit take?

    We typically require a 2-week period from contract signature to the delivery of the report. If we are requested to do an audit across multiple accounts and websites this can extend to 4-5 weeks. There is a vast amount of work to do in an audit, not only in the gathering of data, but in the analysis and taking the time to present well-thought-out conclusions with clear recommendations.

  • What happens once the audit is complete?

    Once the audit report is complete we will book in a date in which to come and present our findings, conclusions and recommendations. You will receive a copy of the report beforehand. You will then have the option to reinvest some of the cost of the audit into taking action. Rebixit we will deduct some of the audit cost against the cost of the campaign.

What Our Clients Say
  • With Rebixit consulting we found a trusted partner to support the growth of our business. Effective, result-driven, and very friendly, their team enabled us to develop our company.


    Director at myElefant

  • Rebixit is helping us immensely with understanding marketing in the digital age. We know how to sell cars face to face and now we are learning how to communicate our marketing messages effectively in this ever-changing world of social media and the internet. A friendly, approachable team who we enjoy working with.


    General Sales Manager at Bellamys Citroen

  • I cannot speak highly enough of the team at Rebixit. The UK market is awash with agencies that sell a great story but rarely, if ever, deliver anything. Rebixit’s approach is that of a highly professional extension to our team.

    Jason Evans

    Director at Solar Communications

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