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We love to witness the transformation a smart, user-friendly, responsive website design brings to a business. Whether you are looking for a basic website to present information on or an eCommerce site with plenty of features; we can deliver.

With our digital marketing and sales consultancy team, we will add even more value to your website project by beginning with the end in mind: How will this new website bring you closer to your business objectives?

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Our Process
  • Understanding the Website’s Purpose

    We will start by a briefing session where we will understand what the purpose of the website is. Is it to promote your products? Your services? What outcomes do you want to drive? What audience do you want to target? The success of your future website (and therefore your business) depends a lot on how well we understand your objectives from the word go.

  • Layout Conceptualisation

    Once we have a clear understanding on what purpose you want your website to serve, we will be able to create the initial layout. How many pages, what purpose for each page, what calls-to-action, where to put images, where to put text, what to write, what “feeling” to convey through images etc. Obviously, this is all done whilst making sure that all your pages are SEO-friendly.

  • Content, Images, Design

    Do you find the idea of writing and explaining clearly what your services are or what your products do a bit overwhelming? Don’t worry, that’s one of the things we specialise in. Let our team of designers come up with the best designs and images whilst our team of copywriters will find the best way to articulate what you do and who you are.

  • Revisions

    No website comes up perfect first draft, we give you the time to revise the design, layout, copy etc. We want you to be confident that the second revision is going to be as close to perfect as possible.

  • Go Live!

    The moment you’ve been waiting for. As soon as we have your approval we go live. To make sure your website is seen, why not try our social media management or SEO services?

Your questions answered.

  • How long does it take to launch a new website?

    It largely depends on 1) the complexity of the website we are designing 2) how quickly you are able to provide the copy and images 3) What functionality the site needs to have etc. If you already have the web copy written for each page and have the images, launching your website could be done quicker than you think.

  • What happens after we go live?

    When it’s time to launch, it is best practice to already know what comes next and have an action plan in place. Once we go live it is about getting the website seen, our digital marketing services implement strategies to do just that.

  • Can we make edits or small tweaks later down the line?

    Yes, before we go live we will show you where and how you can make the edits to the content. The design and structure of the website is a little more complex. If you can outline to us what aspects of the site you will want control over we can arrange that for you.

What Our Clients Say
  • "We 110% recommend Rebixit because not only are they the best at what they do, but they also have so much energy and passion for their work, which came across in their excellent customer service. Not only did they do a sterling job to get our website up and running, but they have also provided us with aftercare. This company has been the best we have worked with and we will be continuing to come to them."


    Director at Ministry of Fudge

  • "Rebixit is helping us immensely with understanding marketing in the digital age. We know how to sell cars face to face and now we are learning how to communicate our marketing messages effectively in this ever-changing world of social media and the internet. A friendly, approachable team who we enjoy working with."


    General Sales Manager at Bellamys Citroen

  • "I would recommend this company to anyone, they are efficient, dynamic and very professional. So far the improvements to our website, Adwords campaign and the results obtained have proven a good decision in using them."


    Director at Fireline UK

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