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Being able to apply our knowledge and experience to help our customers do more, better, and think bigger is a pretty cool job. We love what we do and it shows in the work we deliver for each bespoke digital marketing campaign.

We’re a family business, started many years ago by husband and wife Lionel & Rebecca who wanted to create a place where the team felt like they could make a difference, achieve work-life balance, be part of the community and reach their full potential.

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Our Values
  • To have long-term relationships with our clients, built on trust & transparency
  • To always push the boundaries of our own knowledge & skills
  • To continually inspire our clients to be forward-thinking & disruptive
  • To never compromise on work-life balance or lose sight of well-being
Our Friendly Faces
  • Lionel Gache, Operations and Finance Director at Rebixit Consulting Lionel Gache, Operations and Finance Director at Rebixit, showing off his book
  • Rebecca, Sales and Marketing Director at Rebixit, wearing a pink coat Rebecca Woolford, Sales and Marketing Director at Rebixit with a horse riding hat
  • Rebixit Consulting's content specialist Chelsea Chelsea, content specialist at Rebixit Consulting showing off her travel memorabilia
  • Zara, design specialist at Rebixit Consulting Zara, design specialist holding a mug with the letter
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