Natur Vital

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Google Adwords campaign reaches new heights

A long-standing and established brand in the beauty market, Natur Vital sees nature as a source of inspiration for their hair and body products. Already a global brand supplying products across the UK, U.S and APAC we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them to reach a new level of success for their PPC campaigns.

The objective was to increase the number of sales generated online via the PPC campaigns and to drive down the CPC (cost per click) to bring more results for the same daily budget. Both of these objectives were achieved within the first few months with the help of the Rebixit team.

Previously experiencing 231% ROI from the PPC campaigns, the recent figures show a 492% ROI, which is certainly worth celebrating. The PPC campaign is now contributing to the overall sales revenue more than it has ever done before’

  • 90%
    Increase in sales generated per month via PPC (achieved in first 2 months)
  • 261%
    Increase in ROI brought to the PPC campaign (Google Adwords)

What We Did

  • PPC

  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager

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